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Sentinel iPro®

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  • Eliminate virtually all rejects from poor color consistency. Sentinel delivers a consistent bead of ink, and eliminates the change in color density, giving you consistency from sheet 1 to 10,000.
  • Generate savings of up to 25% in your ink costs through reduced wastage. Sentinel leaves less than 2% residual ink in the cartridge.
  • Significantly reduce your clean up and make ready times, with an overall cleaner press.
  • Optimize your labor costs. It takes less than 30 seconds to load a Sentinel cartridge, which will then run unmonitored until it needs replacing.
  • Reduce your waste disposal costs by up to 85%.

The Sentinel iPro® Ink Management System is an electronically-controlled, completely automated cartridge-based ink dispensing system, with the capabilities to track and report ink usage. The electronic sensor monitors the amount of ink in the fountain and automatically adds ink when and where needed. With the Sentinel system, customers experience ink savings of up to 15-20%, savings through reduced waste ink disposal, improved color consistency and increased productivity. The Sentinel iPro provides ink data reporting that shows exactly how much ink was used on a particular job, allowing for more accurate ink tracking and job cost estimating. Sentinel iPro is constructed with durable cast metal construction, and belt drives with stepper motors to ensure years of smooth, trouble free operation. Flash programmable micro-controller allows updates without changing components in the dispensing head.

Montoring and Function Features

  • Displays cartridge status, including low and empty alerts.
  • Provides precise ink usage totals for all Sentinel units.
  • Controls individual or multiple Sentinel unit operations; auto run, stop, plow,(agitate) mode and ink fountain level settings.
  • Enables filling of the fountains from the console.

Central Control Console

  • The optional Central Control Console completes the Sentinel Ink Management package. The console provides monitoring and function control right at the operator’s fingertips. Usage is tracked as is the remaining ink in the cartridge, and it provides real time information and an end of job report feature.

Job Recording Features

  • Job entry fields allow tracking of each individual job and saving job totals for future reference.
  • Set specific gravity or weight of ink for exact ink usage on all units.
  • Print end of job reports for estimating repeat runs.

Optional Plow / Agitator

  • For use with heavy bodied or UV
" >UV inks.
  • Eliminates the need for ink agitators.
  • Robust design resists flexing.
  • Nylon tips prevent damage to the ink blade or ink fountain roller.
  • Fully adjustable to fit any ink fountain.

  • Sentinel® Remote Link

    The Sentinel® Remote Link ink pumping adapter from Pamarco is designed to work with the Sentinel iPro® Ink Management System. The Remote Link provides the flexibility to switch from an 8 lb. canister to a remote 5 gallon pail, 30 – 55 gallon drum or 2000 lb. tote container and still have the automation and convenience of the Sentinel®.